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Babies love quiet voices.


They enjoy animated voices which mirror an animated face.


They like a whispering voice to grab their attention and hook them into a conversation.  


Babies prefer human sounds to other sounds.  


They like high pitched voices.


Here are my 5 voice tips for talking to baby:


(1)  Use a high pitched voice

(2)  Speak slowly

(3)  Exaggerate certain parts of words

(4)  Widen your eyes as you speak

(5)  Open your mouth wider than usual 


The way you use your voice with your baby shapes how your baby reacts and responds.


Speak in a soft, relaxed way and your baby smiles and coos and laughs, maybe kicks their legs or waves their arms.  


if you shout or speak angrily they are likely to react with a blink, startle or cry, showing you they don’t like it.


Your voice is a wonderful toy for your baby.  


Use these 5 voice tips!



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