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Therapy sessions can be fun!


Therapy helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, (ASD)!

Speech and language therapy, (SALT), helps children with ASD. 

Young children with ASD struggle with non-verbal communication.  This includes body language and understanding facial expressions They need help with their sensory systems.  This means they seek out or avoid some types of sound, taste, smell, touch and sight.  

We need to understand their sensory preferences.  

This will help us communicate better with them.

Some understand and use language well. Others struggle with understanding what people are saying.  They need help learning words.  

School age children with ASD are likely to struggle with school rules, friendships and with non-verbal communication.

They may need help with humour and with making inferences.

They can be concrete thinkers. 

Teenagers with ASD have to learn to navigate a longer school day.  They have more subjects and have to organize their books and their locker.  

They are more aware of being different and are likely to need help with the social aspects of communication.  

They can struggle to follow the facial expressions, body language, slang and the conversational inferences of their peers.

Speech and language therapy can help children of all ages with ASD.

Therapy may include pragmatic language work like social stories, comic strip conversations, role plays, tips and strategies to manage social situations better.

Understanding and using language can be part of the therapy sessions too. 

I would like to make a communication plan with you and your child to further develop their language skills in social situations.

SALT for children with ASD needs to be child centred and tailor – made to their specific strengths and needs!

Therapy helps.!

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