Geraldine provides an in-depth initial assessment, either formally or informally, to profile the client’s strengths and weaknesses. This generally takes between 1½-2 hours and may be carried out over a period of one or two sessions. The parent remains in the room with the child during the assessment. The child plays with toys, looks at pictures and the process does not feel like a test to them. Teenagers and young adults are able to reflect on their communication needs and the assessment is a collaborative process.
Speech and language therapy sessions are client-centred with clear targets and goals delivered in a relaxed and practical way.


Email us for details of assessment and therapy costs as it depends on the age of the child and their communication needs.


Downs Syndrome boyhaving speech therapy Geraldine helps children with difficulties in communication including

  • Articulation / Phonological Disorders
  • Speech and Language Delays
  • Dyspraxia
  • Phonological Awareness and Literacy Difficulties
  • Language Disorders (e.g. Specific Language Impairment – SLI)
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Tips/strategies to develop baby’s communication skills
Teenagers and young adults

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Speech and language therapy for this group is a collaborative and tailor–made service. Communication needs are addressed using SMARTgoals. These goals are




relevant and

time bound.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Children with ADHD may have difficulties with understanding or using language. They need help with some aspects of social language such as waiting their turn, obeying social rules and managing friendships.
Autism Spectrum Disorder


Children with ASD need help with the pragmatic or social aspect of communication. They need help with reading non- verbal behaviour, conversational skills and friendship management. They need help with abstract language and with inferences. They may have difficulties with understanding or using language.