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What is a lisp? A lisp is a difficulty saying the ‘s’ and ‘z’ sound.  The tongue can go between the teeth and the ‘s’ sounds immature to the listener.   Sometimes the air goes along the edges of the tongue rather than over the top of the tongue.

When can I get treatment for a lisp?

A child over the age of 5 or 6 can get an assessment and treatment for a lisp.  Adults can get help for a lisp and the treatment is very straightforward.

What treatment will I get for my lisp?

You will learn how to make the ‘s’ sound correctly.  You will practice it in single words and then at sentence level.  The speech and language therapist supports you as you change how you make the ‘s’ sound and after a number of sessions you will be able to use it in your everyday speech.  The speech sessions are around 30 minutes long and you can track your progress over each session.

How does a lisp influence conversations?

Children and adults can get teased for their lisp.  It can be distracting for the listener and take from the message the person is trying to communicate.  The speaker can appear immature.


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