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Babies communicate through their body movements, facial expressions, eye contact, cooing, babbling and, later on, single words.
The first 12 months of a babies speech, language and social communication development is very exciting.
While there is variability in normal language development there are discrete, tiny but visible steps that babies go through.


Babies coo early on and make sounds when you talk to them. They imitate facial expressions. They laugh with pleasure. Their eyes follow you and they watch people and faces.


Babies are able to copy you and stick their tongue out after you do it. They can open their mouth wide after you do it. Babies love to imitate you.
Babies react to sounds with whole body movements and blink when they feel threatened.


Sometimes parents worry about their baby’s communication development. A parent might worry because a baby is largely silent or does not make many sounds or does not look at their face. A parent might worry because an older sibling has been diagnosed with a communication difficulty and they would like reassurance and advice about talking to their baby. Sometimes a first time mother says “how do I actually talk to my baby.?  Help my baby talk!”


Speech and language therapists can assess a baby’s communication and can advise parents on how to promote early communication skills.

This can increase parents confidence in communicating with their baby.

We can help parents with the quality and quantity of communication with their baby.

We can demonstrate the importance of imitation, repetition and fun!

This helps baby talk!

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