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Privacy Policy Statement for the Practice of Geraldine Casey, Speech and Language Therapist Practice, (SALT Practice) There are 3 main types of data which Geraldine Casey, SALT Practice, retains: • Clinical Data needed to provide a service. • Financial Data from clients for billing. • Contact Data from referrals. Geraldine Casey, SALT Practice, keeps both…

  What is a lisp? A lisp is a difficulty saying the ‘s’ and ‘z’ sound.  The tongue can go between the teeth and the ‘s’ sounds immature to the listener.   Sometimes the air goes along the edges of the tongue rather than over the top of the tongue. When can I get treatment for a…

This video explains dysphagia and how it can affect children and adults.

How does a speech and language therapist carry out a dysphagia assessment with a child? Here is a short video clip explaining the steps involved in a Paediatric dysphagia assessment

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